I is for… I Don’t Have an “I” Movie

I tried to have an “I” movie.  I really did.


But then Interceptor was pulled from Hulu and unavailable from the library, and Ice Station Zebra had some interesting moments but didn’t have near enough action.  It was also difficult to tell if the main character was the captain of the submarine, or the submarine itself.  It did support my theory that a contemporary “action” movie is very different from an older action movie (which in my head is pre-1980).  Modern movies have a lot more violence and guns, and generally move at a much faster pace.  The first five minutes of Ice Station Zebra were musicThere were “Overture” and “Intermission” titlecards, which would certainly never be in a contemporary action film!


So, I shall be moving on to The Jackal, which I’ll have posted in a day or two.


If there are “I” action movies out there that I’d be able to get my hands on, please let me know!


About abcsofaction

I'm a girl and a fan of action movies, two things that a lot of people think are mutually exclusive. I assure you there are plenty of us, and that we do know what we're talking about when it comes to what makes a good--or terrible--action flick. My articles will run the gamut from A to Z of action movies, and my goal is to be informative as well as amusing. Enjoy!

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