H is for… Hidden Agenda

G is for… The Glimmer Man

F is for… Faster

E is for… The Expendables 2

D is for… Double Impact

C is for… Crank

B is for… The Bourne Identity

A is for… Air Force One

I is for… Interceptor

Z is for… The Zone (Dogfighters)

Y is for… Year of the Dragon

X is for… XXX

W is for… Wake of Death

V is for… Vehicle 19

U is for… Under Siege

T is for… True Lies

S is for… Sudden Death

R is for… Rambo: First Blood

P is for… Predator

O is for… On Deadly Ground

N is for… The Negotiator

M is for… Machete

L is for… Lethal Weapon

K is for… Killer Elite

J is for… The Jackal

I is for… I Don’t Have an “I” Movie

H is for… Hard Target

G is for… G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

F is for… Face/Off

E is for… Executive Decision

D is for… Die Hard

C is for… Commando

B is for… Bad Boys

A is for… Assassins

26 Criteria

Welcome to the ABCs of Action


About abcsofaction

I'm a girl and a fan of action movies, two things that a lot of people think are mutually exclusive. I assure you there are plenty of us, and that we do know what we're talking about when it comes to what makes a good--or terrible--action flick. My articles will run the gamut from A to Z of action movies, and my goal is to be informative as well as amusing. Enjoy!

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